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Research & Development

Including technology & process review, project management & lock step documentation …

Specifications Analysis

Begins with a thorough understanding of the application & potential problems, progressive definitions, solution suggestions and customer approval before proceeding …


Including hardware & software designs, component reliability selection, design for manufacturability and prototype approval …


Using the latest LEAN techniques with quantity capabilities ranging from 100s to 100,000s, integrated quality control and 99% on-time shipping…


Featuring online documentation, phone & field assistance with rapid turnaround & a two-year manufacturer’s warranty …

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Common Customer Challenges






Commercial OEM appliance manufacturer wished to improve the performance, reliability and cost of their diverse line of products. Zytron developed a universal programmable electronic control incorporating a variety of software selectable operating modes allowing it to be easily re-configured for use in any of the OEM’s products and applications.
  • Customer only needs to stock one controller to support their entire product line vs. many
  • The reliability of the products increased several fold.
  • Same solution is now used for new apps increasing speed to market and sales base quickly.

Legacy Products

Major Competitor discontinues a product line leaving OEM without a source of controllers for field replacements or new equipment builds. Zytron designs custom control meeting exact form, fit & function of the discontinued controller.
  • Zytron saved the day by providing the OEM with reliable replacement controls
  • extending level of support to keep their customer’s equipment operational.


An OEM needs to reduce manufacturing cost and increase reliability of their products. Using the latest analog and digital technologies with innovative design Zytron has designed many custom controls that integrate the functions of several dedicated control devices into a single universal multifunction, programmable control.
  • Same single solution used for multiple apps
  • Installation and wiring are greatly simplified
  • Less assembly time
  • Lower production costs
  • Greater product reliability
  • Reduced inventory on multiple parts


Bulb & Capillary is low cost but does not offer the accuracy, stability or long term reliability of an electronic controller. Zytron introduces the series 126 controller the electronic equivalent to the bulb & capillary.
  • The series 126 controller is one of the industry’s only direct replacements for the less reliable bulb & capillary thermostat.

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